UNC School of the Arts (2006-2016)

I was UNCSA Trumpet Artist Faculty and Brass and Percussion Chair from 2006 – 2016,

I taught a focused studio of high school, undergraduate, graduate and Performing Artist Certificate students in a mentorship/apprenticeship situation. The studio size ranged between 5- 14 depending on demands, number of graduating students, and interest.

In addition to heading my area administratively, I coached a few chamber groups weekly, present a 90 minute studio class, and offered weekly applied lessons. I also taught Brass Repertoire, team-taught a Career Development Seminar for junior college students and I offered “Auditions”   – a Career Strategies course teaching Graduate students how to succeed in any type of audition. This was team-taught with Tom Hadley, Auditions Coordinator for the New World Symphony in Miami, FL. The final of the class was an audition over Internet2 for the New World Symphony’s semi-finalist (sub) list.

 During  the annual Intensive Arts, I offered explorations into the teachings of F.M. Alexander at UNCSA as a fully certified Alexander Technique Teacher, ATI.

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