See ‘Wellness’ – FREE FLOW for more information about my FREE FLOW Trumpet/Brass Studio and Guest Residencies combining my teaching and Alexander Technique.

It is difficult to separate my teaching concepts from the principles of Alexander Technique: Awareness, Observation,  Inhibition and Direction as I’ve been studying AT since 1991 and am now a fully Certified Teacher.  I have a SKYPE studio, offer lessons out of my home  FREE FLOW studio in NC, and offer guest residencies combining performing and teaching around the world. 

2016 final UNCSA Trumpet Ensemble under my guidance: 

 With no dedicated Trumpet Ensemble rehearsal time, and while serving in every ensemble, (and after morning master class and the Awards Day Jazz Ensemble performance) my UNCSA trumpet students presented this FANTASTIC, ENERGETIC performance for 350 of their peers and faculty for the final Performance Hour at UNC School of the Arts in May, 2016. Check it out! (Eric Morales has connections with Winston Salem, having been born there.)


Now that I am a fully certified Alexander Technique Teacher, I infuse my Chicago-style pedagogy of Sing, Buzz, Play with an approach unique in the US. I have 30 years of  teaching trumpet in higher education and I offer a unique combination of my Alexander Technique approach with my extensive experience as a Brass teacher.   This work offers the ability to connect with the use of your full self for performances that represent your true voice; furthermore, Alexander Technique provides the pathway to  freedom and ease by connecting to your innate coordination, and is even more fundamental in its range and scope in how it aids the student to access their full performing capabilities than practicing fundamentals!

When I work with a student, I bring a lifetime of study with the world’s top teachers into the room during the lesson. The brass playing and pedagogy of the Chicago Symphony is legendary the world over and I count my time studying and performing with these masters as the foundation of my Song and Wind approach.  These pedagogues include the great Arnold Jacobs, Vincent Cichowicz (for my graduate degree at Northwestern), William Scarlett, and weekly study for four years as a Civic Orchestra member in Trumpet Sectionals with the inimitable Bud Herseth.  Adolph Herseth was my great model and teacher of sound and style thru my listening, and I eventually substituted as an extra with the Chicago Symphony during my ten years in Chicago.  Additionally, offering further  mentorship and study were Susan Slaughter, and Michael Galloway my undergraduate trumpet teacher at Mansfield University (PA).

Please read ‘Pedagogy’ for further information.

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