Brass Quintets

Over my ten years in North Carolina, I perform at Duke Chapel and NC State for a variety of Chapel and University functions with Amalgam Brass Ensemble, I have substituted frequently with Carolina BrassGiannini Brass  and Roanoke Symphony Brass Quintet iin VA, TN, and NC.

In the summers, I join with my Eastern Music Festival and Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival Colleagues for a variety of chamber performances. often brass quintet. 

UNCSA Brass Quintet  2006-2015:  I founded this group when I first came to UNCSA:  Concerts throughout NC. Brass Quintet and organ in concerts between 2010 – 2016  for UNCSA BRASS events. 

Southeast Chamber Brass – 2011-2014 Judith Saxton, Amanda Pepping, trumpets; Abigail Pack, horn; Mike Kris, trombone; Tom McCaslin, tuba

Wichita Brass Quintet 1999-2006

1986-1999: Chicago chamber ensembles including Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet, Chicago Chamber Brass, Essence of Brass.

Hong Kong Philharmonic Brass Quintet 1990-1993 – performances throughout Hong Kong and the New Territories during my time as principal of the HK Philharmonic.


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