Bien venue.  Welcome: Be well and come explore the various parts of my professional life. I invite you to meander through each page and gain inspiration to tell your personal story through your instrument. I hope that by sharing my varied experiences as a trumpet performer and teacher of Brass and Alexander Technique  (Certified 2015) you’ll gather some new ideas on defining your own voice.  Practice, on trumpet and storytelling, never hurts!

You’ll notice that each item, event, and experience outlined in the Performance and Teaching menu impacts the next, as everything is interconnected – – wellness, breathing, body use, playing, emoting, musicianship, performing, recording, composing, and story-telling. We are as interconnected as those aspects of brass playing are, and we all impact each other in our shared quest: to strengthen our chosen voice, whether it be trumpet or brass playing, poetry, singing or writing. Here’s to a shared vision to change our world for the better through the power of MUSIC!